Great Shot: Ryan McGinley

Blue, Moon, 2008/2009 © Ryan McGinley

Ryan McGinley is, to date, the youngest American artist to have had a solo show at the Whitney Museum of American Art. His work predominately features the youth, in the nude, exploring and rejoicing in the landscape.
I was really drawn to this particular image for its simplicity in color, as everything has become a vague silhouette against the moon and fading light from the sky. The figure becomes mysterious as he is silhouetted and all distinguishing features are removed. The figure appears to be posing with arms crossed, but he stands in quarter profile so it becomes unclear if he is looking at the moon or at the viewer. I say he because the silhouette of the figure looks more masculine. The image is striking, and leaves the viewer with subtle indications and makes for a mysterious viewing experience.

Ryan's website to view more: http://ryanmcginley.com/photographs

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