Great Shot: Lynn Saville

© Lynn Saville

Lynn Saville grew up in North Carolina where she, her father and brother would spend nights gazing through a telescope and capturing photo's of the stars. She later moved to New York City where she now lives with her husband, but tells that she fell in love with the city as a young girl. Her first love of photography and shooting night scenes and continued into her adult life where she now shoots in NYC. Her focus and specialty is in photographing the "boundary times between night and day."

I was instantly attracted to Lynn's work with the first photograph I looked at. Soon after viewing her website I fell in love with her work. I am incredibly inspired by her work and want to expand and experiment more with long exposures and night scenes. The color in many of her photographs is also what I strive for in many of my own photo's.

This photograph is from her series Night/Shift, which she photographed NYC focusing on the, "forgotten or unloved places, celebrating the city and the moments of transition." Going out at dusk and dawn she soon fell in love with these places and the way the natural and artificial lighting created a beautiful combination. The ghost like figures that often crept into her photo's annoyed her at first but she eventually learned to accept the figures and embrace them as part of the photo.

More work by Lynn Saville can be found on her website, www.lynnsaville.com

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