Great Shot: Alec Soth

untitled 40, Bogota © Alec Soth

This photograph is from Alec's project entitled "Dog Days, Bogota" where he spent two months in Columbia photographing while waiting to take home his newly adopted daughter (Carmen Laura). With a book filled with letters, poems and pictures left to Carmen from her birthmother. Alec took inspiration from the words left to his daughter, which read "When I think about you, I hope your life is full of beautiful things." From this, Alec began creating his own book for his daughter, where he aimed to photograph the tough beauty in his daughter's birth place of Columbia.

I personally enjoy most his purpose of creating this project. He hopes to have captured the beauty and essence of his adopted daughters birth place for her.

What I enjoy about this photograph specifically is the statement of being an encaged animal. The dog resembling so much of a wolf that you would expect to see roaming the wilderness, laying at the edge against the bars with a wandering look of its own nature. The dog looks to want to be outside but its being withheld from being its wild self. A beautifully sad photograph that depicts modern nature.

More work by Alec Soth can be found on his website, www.alecsoth.com.

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