Great Shot: Kate MacDonnell

© Kate MacDonnell

What I like most about Kate MacDonnell's photographs is that she takes the beautiful things that happen every day, captures them, and then shares them with others. I feel like I have the same need to share these things when I am taking my photographs. I feel myself pausing in day when I see something that catches my eye. I want to photograph it not only for me but I want others to see the world as I did in that moment too. Kate's series "100 Ways to Kneel and Kiss the Ground" is about showing images that are of common and not so common things that were viewed with the same sense of awe. She also talks about how she is intrigued by what we usually do not pay attention to, such as nuetral spaces and interior walls. The title that she choose for this work is very fitting because all of these moments, no matter how big or small, show the appreciation one can have and keep with a photograph.

More work by Kate MacDonnell can be found at http://katemacdonnell.com/index.html

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