Great Shot : Lavalette

© Shane Lavalette

Twenty-two year-old Shane Lavalette has accomplished quite a bit in his lifetime. A resident of Massachusetts, he travels and shares his experiences with the world through blog and print publications as well as an expanse of beautiful photographs. In his series Song to a Seagull from 2007, Lavalette gives a goodbye look to Coney Island's Astroland amusement park through photographs. He shows the place's oddities and nuances that hold a sense of comfort for us all, even if we've never been farther east than Cincinnati. This image holds some sort of nostalgia for me, though I've never been a fan of cotton candy and as a child was allowed to indulge when hell froze over. It's something in the soothing palette hazed through rough smoke and harsh angles that both quiets and excites me. The strange combination of childhood death-by-sugar, an undetermined source of smoke and a lone-but-poignant bottle of beer fit quite normally within the contents of the series. All in all I highly recommend taking a gander at Lavalette's website (which hosts links to his other endeavors).

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