Great Shot: Friedman

Eucalyptus Tree © Amanda Friedman

Amanda is primarily a commercial photographer, but she also has a passion for night photography. Many of her night scape photos are shot in urban settings, often with one/multiple bright light sources, giving her photos a dreamlike feeling. She shoots in everyday areas like parks, ball fields and parking lots that we see every day, except during the "day" time. She captures uncomplicated things in such a spectacular way In this photo, Eucalyptus Tree, the form and gesture of the tree is simply beautiful. When i first came upon this photo I immediately thought of a dancer fluidly moving around in the hours of darkness. The clarity and style of her night work really fascinates me. Many of her photos are shot on foggy nights, one of my favorite times to shoot. I love how the light just seems to hang in the atmosphere around its source, timeless. I find her work so seductive and it excites me to make new work of my own.

More of her night work on her website

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