Projects and Websites

The students have all been working on semester-long projects specifically for FA382 since early September. Each year we have the class projects judged, and our prize this semester is once again from the generous folks at Think Tank Photo.  We're fortunate to have as our juror, Aline Smithson, photographer and creator of the fabulous blog, Lenscratch. As we speak, she's looking through the projects online (site links below - which is your favorite?).

New this year, as previously mentioned, is the addition of the website company Virb to our list of "Friends of FA382." Virb has given our students free 6-month website trials (the standard is 10 days). The company staff will judge the sites that the students have created and award one "lifetime free" website. We're thrilled about the generosity of Virb, and excited to have the students creating websites, their first in most cases.

- Kevin J. Miyazaki

Please take a look for yourselves:

Alyssa Basinger: Memory

Hollister Donovan: Kristi

 Sinead Eby: (un)recalled

Devon Endsley: The Boys

Teresea Gagliano: Home

Emma Kolb: Possessions

Topher Mack: Some Fairytale

Thomas Nardini: Nocturnal

 Megan Nault: Decompress

 Zachary Swearingen: Presence and Process

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