Interview: Elinor Carucci

Sinead Eby: In your photographs, you tend to capture yourself or your loved ones in very intimate moments we wouldn’t normally see as the viewer. Is there ever a point you feel uncomfortable displaying what you have taken? If so, how do you get over that? If not, is it your goal to push the comfort level of the viewer?

Elinor Carucci: I am always comfortable photographing myself, and my loved ones as long as the were adults. Once I got into photographing my children, the rules changed, and I am editing and censoring the work much more. My goal is not to make the viewer uncomfortable but to convey intimacy, closeness and the core of deep relationships.

Sinead Eby: In addition to that, is there a limit you stop yourself or they stop you from shooting something? (moments that are too intimate or painful that you refuse to capture)

Elinor Carucci: Yes, especially with my children. I will sometimes be 'mother' first and some moments need me to be there for someone I love, without my camera.

Sinead Eby: Where do you see yourself in the next 5, 10 years? (Any future projects you are excited about? Goals? Accomplishments?)

Elinor Carucci: Who knows :-) my work has always followed my life, if I am going through a crisis in my marriage, this is the work. If I am spending a few years as a professional belly dancer, traveling and performing all over the east coast, if I have a medical problem, if I become a mother, that's the work. My work is coming out of my life, and I try to make it very universal, make it about people, our emotions, fears, pain and joys.

More of Elinor's work can be found at: http://www.elinorcarucci.com

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