Wild Baltic Salmon © David Szymanski

I made this photo in the kitchen of the well respected Amber Room (Warsaw, Poland). My fascination with food as an expression of culture was the starting point for this project. The interest I have in photographing a chefs favorite dish comes from the idea of challenging a restaurant to present one entrée that they feel pushes the boundaries of the food world in taste and presentation.

My set up was very simple for this image. I used a 50mm lens and natural light. The vision was to photograph the dish straight from the kitchen. The tabletop was stripped of any silverware, glasses, and extra items. By using this approach, the clean cut image focuses on the food and nothing else.

I've always felt that food was a large part of connecting people with different cultures. Aside from food, travel also plays a large roll in my work. As I continue to photograph, I hope that my images allow people to understand another's culture in food, music, entertainment, language, and more.

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