This photo began as documentation. Upon editing and publishing it, I began to see something more and continually referenced it throughout the summer. The distance from the subject and the tension created by the inclusion of the chair in the foreground, in juxtaposition with the bright colors and natural light, give it somewhat of a voyeuristic feel. This approach is different from most of my other food photography.

Rich, saturated, and complementary colors are elemental in the work I create, and what my eye is drawn to out in the world. In the past, I've touched on portraying themes dark in subject matter with the usage of bright colors and light. I am also interested in critiquing themes of domesticity, space, femininity, and gender roles. I feel this photo can be categorized with these interests.

In a similar vein, I'm interested in exploring the living space, the definition of home, and wanderlust. Travel and adapting everyday culture of other places is so integral in my life that calling anywhere "home" is questionable.

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