"Untitled 2011" © Alice M Waraxa

    There are many dilapidated industry buildings in this city and I love the texture of the brick that was commonly used to build these buildings. I took a friend out walking around in places we shouldn't have been. I was inspired by the many fashion catalogs that come to my house monthly. I enjoy the imagery in the Urban Outfitter's catalog as well as Free People and Lucky. I wanted to showcase the outfit that she is wearing but also using the landscape to narrate a story. I also acted as the clothing stylist in this shoot.
    I do like to play around in editorial photography and over the summer I tried to take this approach with my fashion shoots. I have been thinking of adding a few more elements to this approach to maybe create something closer to a vogue photo shoot. I would like to shoot more of this type of work this semester with just a little bit more fantasy with my fashion. I would also like to try to photograph some jewelry with this approach.

Here is a bit of fantasy fashion photography. ( http://mylifeasafashionaddict.wordpress.com/page/5/ )

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