Project competition winners!

David Bram of Fraction Magazine has selected our top 3 students in the semester-long project competition, juried from our class website: miadfa382.com. The winners are:

© Julia Kozerski

1. Julia Kozerski, for her project Truth.
David's comments: Often, a self portrait can leave lots of questions for the viewer. But a self portrait of one's naked body, leaves no questions whatsoever. This work is amazingly brave, honest and beautiful and deserves lots of recognition.

© Megan Ramminger

2. Megan Ramminger, for her project, In My Eyes.
David's comments: I think this is a clever take on a technique/style that has been used often in photography. It's easy to see (no pun intended) that these photographs are your own and I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

© Joshua Ballew

3. Joshua Ballew, for his project, Up For Grabs.
David's comments: I'm always intrigued by what people toss away. These are smart little portraits of things that people paid for, owned and then just threw away. This is a tough topic that could be poorly executed.

Julia wins a liveBooks.edu website, and Megan and Joshua will receive Pina Zangaro portfolios from PZ DIRECT. In addition, we drew class member Olivia Obluck-Zager's name, who won a Shape Shifter backpack from Think Tank Photo. Thanks again to David Bram and these generous companies, who made our project competition additionally special!

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