Gamer, © Paige Rice

© Paige Rice

The two photographs above are very different. The first one being someone very close to me, my boyfriend Adam. It is in ways a lot easier to photograph someone you know, I was able to shoot more photographs of him simply because I am with him all the time. I have more personal and intimate photographs as well as the more environmental photograph above. I went with the one above, because I wanted to show part of who he really is and one thing that is a big part of him is the "Gamer" inside. Thus, this is one of the many times where he gets so caught up in the game that he doesn't notice things going on around him and he didn't even know I was taking his picture.

The second was a bit more difficult. The photographing went really well, the difficulty was finding someone to actually photograph. At first I thought of going at it through street photography, but that is not how I tend to work. So I started by asking another MIAD student, who
I saw around often, but I really didn't know. I wanted to make her more comfortable with me and I didn't want to put her into the awkward situation of posing for a stranger. So I invited her to my apartment to shoot and experimented with the lighting to change things. She became more comfortable with me taking her picture when the lights were out and things were less seen. I really liked how her posture became casual as well as the movement she created. It felt a bit more free and natural.

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