Untitled, © Paige Rice

Over the summer, as well as, throughout the last year, I find myself completely drawn to time. To clarify since time is something of a broad meaning; I love to photography things that show the aging of time, the subtlety of change in time, all around us. It is something the happens everyday, every second. We are constantly going forward in time. I love the beauty of it. Clouds are one of my absolute favorite things to photograph. Like the one above from the summer, it shares subtlety in its details, beauty in its various changes over time. No one cloud shot is ever the same, for the fact alone being due to time. They can change so smoothly, or drastically, either way its lovely. This is something I can't let go of; focusing on that fact that time never stops. We never stand still, we are always revolving, changing, and moving forward from the last second.

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