This summer i worked for an organization called Camp Jorn YMCA, my official title was media specialist and the trading post guy. Looking back at the summer i realized i was surrounded by the most creative people on earth. Children really are the key to the future and when people say that, i don't think they understand the full meaning behind it. As we get older we be begin to close certain parts of out mind and only process information we believe to be the most important and then leave the rest to just float around.

Final Understanding Brendan Palbitska

Interacting with the campers every day, some times even letting them take a few pictures allowed me to understand from an outside perspective on how kids understand the world. When i reviewed the pictures every night i could always tell the difference between mine and theirs based on the angel of course but also the subject matter. The pictures where mostly of nature or material things, such as clothing, shoes, and sometimes pictures of the crafts that others had made. They where in their own world not caring if their pictures where going to mean something, it made them happy to be able to capture what they saw. It sounds complicated but that's because humans make everything complicated. That's the whole reason for our medium. Because humans make everything complicated and want to understand everything instead of just letting things be the way they are . My view of expression threw photographs is not to be analyzed to a T of every line and positioning of that in the background. I've heard students in the photo department talk about how much they dislike canded shots, or shots that are set up. All i have to say about that is welcome to the world of fine art photography. Every time a fine art photographer shoots they make sure they have a certain subject matter to reference something and then watches the lines to lead you some where and then, and then, and then... The list just keeps going on and on. And i'm not complaining because that's what our major is, but sometimes students put to much thought into what they're looking at and when they get done, you just sit there and imagine, if they give this much thought about this picture, how do they view everything in their every day life. That's where people get to complicated!

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