Untitled ©Keely Weiland

I spent a month of my summer traveling abroad with MIAD, living and studying in Florence, Italy. Not far from our apartment was Piazza della Rupubblica, which held something special for me. I was told about a carousel before I left, not where it was or what was special about it, just that it was somewhere in Florence. I found it the first day and was instantly obsessed. I photographed it constantly throughout my time there, always finding something new and interesting about it. This was one of the few night images I took of this carousel. This carousel inspired my entire project following this class. I spent most of the last week before leaving for home photographing this carousel and the piazza it stands in, in both film and digital in as many times of day and in as many different ways as time allowed. I really enjoyed making work like this and would like to continue it in my future work.

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