untitled © Julia L. Kozerski

Due to serious circumstances beyond my control, I did not shoot much over the summer with regards to my fine art photography. However, in recent weeks, my interest in the photographic medium has peeked in a genre I once swore "I would never" shoot . . . commercial.

I began my internship with the Shepherd Express a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with shooting images of food for their restaurant reviews. The photographs I am taking currently have no correlation or relation to my fine arts work which is shot in a more documentary style focusing on subjects such as religion and, last semester, of weight-loss and body-image. The only common thread that I can find between my current commercial-based works and my fine arts work is their "honesty." In the past I have strayed away from heavy digital editing, manipulations, and abstractions in favor of a more straight-forward, "honest" images.

At this point, I hope to continue my food photography and see where that takes me. As for my fine arts work? I hope to return to my "roots" and continue with making commentaries on social and economic themes.

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