Untitled © Joshua Ballew

This image is from a series of photographs taken at Fondy's Market, an open air farmers market located at 22nd and Fon du Lac Ave. I was asked by one the directors to come down and document the exchange between the locals and the farmers. While shooting I was exposed to the expanding community of people who are choosing to buy locally grown produce in addition to those who work to provide the space and time for the market to operate on a weekly basis. This instance was one the first opportunities in which I was asked to photograph for an organization so I was unsure exactly how to proceed having no prior experiences to learn from. Regardless of that fact I fully enjoyed the time I was allowed to explore and document the colorful arrangements of fruits, vegetables, and hand made crafts. My intent was to create images which accurately reflected the relaxed atmosphere of the market while in addition focusing upon the interaction between the patrons and their agriculturally minded retailers. In the future I can definitely see myself doing work similar to this which focuses upon community based organizations. I am currently employed at the Milwaukee County Service Corps in their Art Corps program while among other things documenting the artwork created by it's members.

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