self portrait. © robert kjendlie

Robert Kjendlie, the oldest of 3 plus 2, grew up in Janesville, WI. Being mechanically inclinded, Robert spent much of his time fiddling with various objects in hopes of deciphering how they worked. He first touched a camera and a mac on the same day in ’92. He then spent time as a dj in Madison and on a day not eleven years and 13 days ago he boarded a Greyhound and headed west towards California. The experience was life changing. Robert spent the next ten years learning floral design and event planning from the best in San Francisco while at the same time was pursuing electronic music and culture. Photography found Robert again in 2003 while working an event in New York. However it was a trip to the Philippines in 2006 that really sparked something inside him and in 2008 he began attending the Academy of Art University to study photography. Currently, he is in Milwaukee, WI studying photography and communication design at MIAD while working as a freelance photographer.

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