self portrait ©Olivia Obluck-Zager

All I used to think about was the different ways to blow up my kitchen or the Chem Lab till I took a photo class in high school. The darkroom became my new laboratory. I love the city. I was born in Milwaukee, though I moved to Mukwonago as a child. I don't regret not living in the city while growing up. The woods became my haven and my Nikon N55 my therapy.

Now a Junior at MIAD, I still use my camera as a way to escape. When I started at MIAD I embarked on the journey of shooting digitally as opposed to film. At first I felt I had lost my connection with my work, but soon gained an appreciation for the digital photograph.

I still continue to search out the places that help to silence my thoughts, but also have been looking at the not so quiet side photography.

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