Great Shot: Will Steacy

Burned Car, Los Angeles, 2009 ©Will Steacy

Immediately upon reading the blog on Will Steacy I was drawn to his photographs. Will Steacy had an odd start in photography, but the night he will always remember is what encourages him to photograph such desolate scenes. While working at a shoe store Steacy was almost killed when two guy decided to rob the store. This night changed his life and allowed him to lose his fear when photographing his subjects. Steacy uses his camera to seek out what some may see as dangerous parts of town, bu that he finds exciting because of the guts it takes to go there.

The part that really drew me to his photos was not the subject but the inner glow that the photo has. Its not just because there is a burned up car that excites me, but the way it reaches out with that blue glow. The color is so inviting it makes me want to step right into the photograph . A lot of Steacy's work from the Down These Mean Streets project tend to possess this inner power. Steacy manages to make these completely rundown towns seem a lot less heavy by adding simple humor. Lastly Steacy's images really drove me to dive deeper and deeper, when I reached the end I was wishing there was more to look at.

To begin your journey through the streets with Will Steacy, more of his work can be found at www.willsteacy.com.

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