Bio: Aryn Kresol

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This is not about where I have come from or where I am going. This is about where I am. I am currently studying and practicing photography at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I am scheduled to graduate with my Bachelor’s in May of 2011. Photography is what I have wanted since I was old enough to know what real wanting is. Well, one of the two things. Photographically speaking, I have no commercial ambitions. I draw inspiration from looking at the works of others and from literature. I have been in a long-term love affair with words. I am my mother’s child. The youngest of four. I like swings and skittles but have never had both at the same time. I would rather be hurt by the truth than be told a lie. I do not want to forget to see beauty in everything. I do not necessarily believe that every thing happens for a reason but I do believe that every thing that is meant to happen will. I am currently celebrating my first (independent from school) photography show, which is taking place on Friday, October 2nd and Saturday, October 3rd in Rockford, IL. Information can be found on my blog Here and I will be updating with images and news from the show.

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