Great Shot: Schwarm

Distant Fires in Chase County, Kansas - 2006 © Larry Schwarm

Larry Schwarm has engulfed my senses. His work is beautiful. When I saw Schwarm's work for the first time, the intensity of the color in his images was astounding. I enjoy the play between the utter simplicity in many of his fire/ landscapes with the powerful surge of emotion that fills the viewer brought out by the deep colors throughout the images. As artists it is our job to express the emotion for those who can't during times in need. Every year wild fires spread across our plains, force people to abandon their homes, and in the end kill some. There is a great beauty that comes out of fire as there is great destruction; I believe that Larry Schwarm has found that balance in this body of work.

More work by Larry Schwarm can be found at http://www.larryschwarm.com/.

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