Great Shot: Seely

Metropolis 52˚29'N 1˚56W © Christina Seely

The beautifully illuminated landscapes of Christina Seely's series "Lux" has an absence of humans, but shows the proof that they are there. The outsider view of each city creates ghostly images of light that bleed into the surrounding land and sky. The color of her night photography creates luscious colors that fade away as the artificial light becomes brighter, like the image of her inspiration. Christina's obsession of the image NASA of the world at night created a seed for "Lux." The way Christina passionately described the NASA image was a new way of looking at night photography: "It is so beautiful while also being somewhat unsettling. I could not help but think about what the light on the map represents about us and how it both dominates the map in it's intense contrast to the darkness of the land and water, and how it looks a lot like bacteria spreading." The interest in the brightly lit areas combines a relationship of art and science that begins documenting the negative impact of our dependency of artificial light.

More about Christina Seely's work can be found at http://www.christinaseely.com/

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