Great Shot: Frazier

© Danny Wilcox Frazier

I find Danny Wilcox Frazier's Driftless series to be inspiring to any young, documentary photographer. After researching Driftless and watching Frazier's videos and interviews, I was even more interested in his body of work. Frazier was born and raised in Iowa, and is still constantly asking himself, "Why am I still living in Iowa?". He is drawn to the people of Iowa and genuinely cares for them. Within each photograph of his Driftless series, it is apparent of the intimacy he shares with his subjects. Frazier will often photograph behind a window or in this particular photograph, behind sheets flying in the wind -- he always manages to capture the right moment to best describe each of his subjects. Through Frazier's photographs, he speaks about the hardship that these small Iowa communities are going through during this contemporary time. When I look at his photographs, I feel the struggle he is having as a photographer and as an Iowan. I feel I can relate with Frazier, I am on a constant struggle photographing people in Wisconsin and having to stare directly at their hardship through my lens, but I feel completely empty because in reality I wish there was more I could do to help. I hope in the near future my photographs will leave an impact on others, the way Frazier's photographs have impacted me.

The passion Frazier shows with his subjects and through his photographs is awe-inspiring. To find out more about Danny Wilcox Frazier visit, www.reduxpictures.com/portfolios/frazier or www.mediastorm.org/0025.htm to watch Frazier's videos capturing the people of Iowa and also an exclusive interview with Frazier.

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