Great Shot: Diefenbach

© Andrea Diefenbach

Diefenbach's photograph from her AIDs in Odessa series conveys the somber situation of her subject with out betraying her vulnerable position. Diefenbach acheives the emotive quality that her subject requires without revealing the details that belong behind closed doors. As a photographer I believe strongly that there are situations and places where cameras do not belong. Deifenbach brings the epidemic of AIDs in odessa to the rest of the world through individual stories in the most carefully crafted manner. Not only are her images beatifully crated objects but they resonate with her respect for the subject. Diefenbach's emersion in this project is evident in her work. "I found it important to follow her story even beyond her dead – how could I have stopped seeing her "
To see the entire series visit her website http://www.andreadiefenbach.com/

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