Great Shot: Collins

Prayer Flags © Lane Collins

While going through a series of interviews, artist Lane Collins really stood out to me. I am captivated by her work, which has and air of magic and whimsy to it. Collins grew up here in the states, but after college, she relocated herself to New Zealand. Her work evolves around her own personal experiences. She has experimented with images that represent the four elements, especially air. In an interview with Nymphoto, she tells us about what inspires her. "My element is air, and through research I gathered a number of words that have been associated with air in various religions and cultures throughout history - for example: life force, expansion, oneness, light, soul - and used those to guide me." The image above, which comes from her Ladakh, India series is a perfect example of this. The image has a very whimsical feel to it, with the delicate mountain peaks and the brightly colored flags under the soft glowing sunlight.

To see more of Lane Collins' work, visit her web sight www.lanecollins.com

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