Friends of The Class: Stein

Amy Stein sent us this postcard announcing her show, which just opened Thursday night at ClampArt (note: there's a little damage to the postcard from mailing, the oval blue shape). Be sure to read Brian Clamp's description of how Amy's work ended up on his gallery's walls here - it's a very informative statement of how the two came to work together. This show features photographs from Amy's Domesticated series, which has been published as a monograph by Critical Mass/Photolucida. I have a copy of the book, and will bring it to class on Friday.

You can see more of Amy's work on her website, follow her thoughts on her smart blog, and read two interviews with her, in our list at right.

Thanks, Amy!

[I've asked some photographer friends to send the class examples of their promotional materials, so we can discuss how photographers are promoting themselves. Throughout the semester, I'll be posting examples of more promo materials - so stay tuned. - Kevin]

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