Friends Of The Class: Gerber

I've asked some photographer friends to send the class examples of their promotional materials, so we can discuss how photographers are promoting themselves. Max S. Gerber sent a whole package of goodies - from postcards to posters. Even his letter to me was a stylish portrait, onto which he penned his thoughts. Throughout the semester, I'll be posting examples of more promo materials - so stay tuned.

Max is a California-based photographer who creates compelling, sensitive portraits. His work can be found in national magazines, as well as the book, My Heart Vs. The Real World, for which he photographed children with congenital heart disease. Max's photos can be seen at his website, www.msgphoto.com, and blog, The Latest Shot. And there's a wonderful interview by Charlie Rose about his book project here.

Thanks, Max!


  1. Oh, I love that letter! It's such a great idea, the person on the receiving end gets a personalized photograph as well as a nice thought. It shows how much he cares, as well. I'll definitely toy around with this idea sometime soon.

  2. great and ispring post, please continue this =)