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Right before my summer began, I decided that I was going to not touch my camera for one month. I really don't have a solid reason as to why I chose to do this other than I thought it would be interesting to go thought my typical routine and instead of bringing my camera, I would bring a notebook and just write down what I thought I would have taken a picture of. I often drew quick sketches to illustrate the story I was trying to tell. Although, this was fun and I tried to continue to do it. except, i got bored. After a few weeks, I decided to begin using a camera again. But I still wanted to do something different. I wanted to use a camera but I didn't want any control over what the result was. So I went on eBay and purchased a bundle of disposable cameras for 30 bucks. I decided that I would only use the disposables until they were gone (obviously.) and I would use them in a manner that I thought would fit. I didn't have to think about anything except pointing the camera where I wanted. this is one of the images that I took of my dog and I while on a walk. I held the camera in a manner that I would never take a picture.
As I stated above, there was no real reason that I decided to change my typical way of going throughout life except for the change itself. I didn't really learn much but I had a great time doing it. I would love to revisit this idea of sacrificing control again the future. I don't have a final photo that I really care for from the group. but I do enjoy just looking through the negatives.

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