Field Trip: Chicago

The members of two MIAD classes, FA-382 and Historical Perspectives, made a fun trip to Chicago last week. Our first stop was at the home and studio of Jane Fulton Alt, who talked to us about her terrific project work. © kjm

Parents: MIAD really is a fine school of higher education. © kjm

Our next stop was at the University of Illinois-Chicago to meet with Daniel Shea in his new studio on campus. Daniel's an incredibly hard working young artist, who shared his thoughts about college and graduate school. © kjm

Our bus broke down (don't ask), so we took a little break... © kjm

... to eat lunch and climb trees. © kjm

We set out on foot to reach our next destination, © kjm

which turned into a 2 mile walk. © kjm

We made it to the Catherine Edelman Gallery, where gallery manager Trevor Power talked to us about the gallery and the current show by Kelli Connell, who we visited with on our trip last year. Our last stop was at the Stephen Daiter Gallery, where we saw a show by photographer Alex Webb.

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