Project: The Underbelly

The industrial heart of a city is typically viewed as the dirtiest and most unpleasant place to go and see. These industrial settings are always closely related to pollution no matter how clean they may be. The underbelly is a compilation of many types of industries all blended together. At first glance it may paint a drab, colorless picture in the mind.

At night however, there is a great transformation; something beautiful emerges from the darkness that can not be seen during the day. The darker and foggier the underbelly gets, the more beautiful it becomes. The darkness creates a blanket that hides the initial imperfections and impurities, then revealing its true beauty. The light generated during the night creates a surreal and otherworldly feeling that is hiding amongst the giant structures and landscapes. This is the true underbelly.

The Underbelly © Tom Owens

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