Project: Lincoln Ave.

© Priscilla Whitenight

Watching people from a distance has always intrigued me.  As a photographer, I feel I have control over my subjects although I know this isn't true.  I hide behind my lens afraid of people judging me, because all the while I feel I'm passing judgement on them.  My photographs have become this common place between us.

These images are a documentation of the people I've passed by on Lincoln Avenue.  The area around Lincoln Ave. has a high crime and poverty rate that affects the people who live there.  I sympathize with these people as I try to understand social classes and question why some people have it easy while others struggle.  I photograph these people to get a better understanding of who they are and who I am and may become.

-Priscilla Whitenight

© Priscilla Whitenight

© Priscilla Whitenight

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