Clockwise, from top left: Peter Frank Edwards, James Worrell, Michelle Nolan and Stella Kalaw

The photography website gurus/fine folks at liveBooks have graciously agreed to give A FREE WEBSITE (one year of a liveBooks.edu version) to one the members of our class, MIAD-FA382. We're grateful for the support from liveBooks, and also to Miki Johnson, who edits their informative blog, Resolve.

In order to make your photographs more visible, and for you to continue to see the work of working professionals, I've asked a variety of photographers (and one book designer), all of whom have liveBooks websites, to jury your work. The bios, artist statements and project pictures you are working on this semester will be shown to them in a webgallery format. Our panel will then weigh in on what they consider to be the strongest work, and the website will be awarded to the student with the most votes.

Our talented and generous (thanks for participating!) group of judges are:

Elizabeth Avedon
Tara Bogart
Peter Carter
Amy Eckert
Peter Frank Edwards
Elizabeth Fleming
Grant Harder
Stella Kalaw
Tom Lynn
Dave Jordano
Barbara Miner
Michelle Nolan
John Sibilski
Sara Stathas
Sonja Thomsen
James Worrell

And the competition gets better!

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