Upcoming Guest + Talk: Andy Adams

I'm thrilled that we'll be having Andy Adams of Flak Photo come to class this Friday. He'll be speaking over the lunch period, so our fellow MIAD students can also attend. I'm hoping for a good showing of photography majors from all levels - and all students and faculty are welcome, of course.

Topic: The Internet, Social Media & Photography Online
Despite its limitations, the Internet is changing the way we consider photography and the medium is undergoing remarkable transformations. No longer relegated to the gallery wall or the printed page — photoblogs, online magazines and digital galleries have exploded in recent years — photography now regularly (and sometimes exclusively) appears on computer screens. More significantly, the new media is influencing contemporary photography culture around the world: connecting international audiences to art experiences, enabling the discovery of new work and presenting never-before-seen channels of expression and communication. Today's photographer surfs the web, subscribes to blog updates, uses search engines to access photo websites, and interacts with a global community of colleagues by participating in social networks like Flickr, Facebook and Twitter. All of this results in a collaborative experience that's dissolving international boundaries and creating a community of photographers that interacts and shares their work more spontaneously than ever before.

Andy Adams is the editor/publisher of Flak Photo, a contemporary photography website that celebrates the art & culture of photography online. An online gallery and social media magazine, Flak Photo provides unique opportunities for artists and photography organizations to share their work with an international community of photographers, galleries, publishers, curators and editors. The site is published six days a week and highlights new series work, book projects and gallery exhibitions from established and emerging photographers. Recent features include 3030 Press' New Photography in China, Humble Arts Foundation's 31 Under 31: Young Women in Art Photography, Hamburger Eyes Photo Magazine's Inside Burgerworld, the Photographic Resource Center's EXPOSURE: The Annual PRC Juried Exhibition, Big City Press' Hijacked, Volume One: Australia & America, Center's Review Santa Fe 2009 and David Wright + Ethan Jones' Pause to Begin.

Andy, as captured by photographer Jonathan Saunders, who pens the blog, I Like To Tell Stories:

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