Untitled © Kathryn S. Kmet

I took this photograph in late May, only a few weeks after summer vacation began. A simple trip to McKinley beach with friends was the opportune moment to bring my camera and snap photos. It was a perfect day outside, the sun was bright, and the wind was dramatic. I really enjoy taking candid shots of people I know, or total strangers around them. So snapping photos at the beach is fun for me.
The people I photographed were people I was around quite often at the time, so they were able to ignore me and my camera. I took many photographs of them throughout the day and some better then other I tried to play with composition, and also include the scantily clad women in the background for a humorous contrast in subject matter.
I can see that people may think of this as a snapshot, but I see this as a photograph that captures a moment of disconnection between the three people. I enjoy the composition because of the shapes and perspectives that the figures make. I am always interested to explore new ways to do portraiture work.

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  1. This picture is perfect, Katie, and it means so much to me and I never told you - but it's one of the few memories I have of those human connections. Thank you for always having your camera!