Cocktail Rock © Tom Owens

I took this photo on my trip to Quetico Provincial Park in Ontario Canada over the summer. This is just one example the many glassy sunsets and the amazing weather we had. My buddy and his dad have dubbed this cliff face we're on "cocktail rock." After a long days paddle, watching the sunset with a big cigar and a hardy cocktail can be quite relaxing. We started our trip in the northern part of MN at the end of the Gunflint Trail, paddled through the boundary waters to the border of US and Canada, then in to Quetico. All together, in 10 days, my buddy's gps read just over 100 miles of paddling! That was just a tiny portion of the million acre park.
Dont get me wrong, i dont hate people, but up there you dont see anyone except the people you came with and a few other adventurers like us here and there. its the most relaxing thing. Canada Eh!

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