© Aryn Kresol

I set out this passed summer not only to widen my understanding of pinhole photography but to also broaden my experience by photographing a subject I have done well to avoid: landscape. I wanted to challenge myself with the task of focusing on a subject that I did not find all that interesting (at least in terms of what I like to photograph). When it comes to landscape photography, I thought, I could appreciate it for what it is, but it was not for me. And even so, in my mind when I started photographing this summer, I set out with the intention of photographing Nothing. Over the passed year I have become increasingly interested in minimalist style photography. And I have spent time looking at photographers such as Michael Kenna, and it was only after I started photographing to that desire that I became familiar with the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto of the same style. As it turns out, I fell in love - not only with the pinhole way, but with the beauty and sophistication of simplicity.

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